Victoree’s Shape-Shifting Job Gypsy Cards

Viktor Vasnetsov. Alenushka.1881 Oil on canvas...

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Do you ever wish that several ways of “knowing” could be laid side by side so you could get a more complete picture of yourself while in the job search? That’s exactly why this game was created. Comments about the work in progress is welcome during this phase.


Right here is the collected body of  posts about “Victoree’s Shape Shifting Job Gypsy” card game.  I am finding out bit by bit that the new form of publishing is not as easy as some say. However, this dream, however difficult, will come into being. Sometime during this year all the posts will be available as a downloadable product. Enjoy now, before I set the price for the final product.

Somebody Lied To Me:Job Loss and Identity 2

We believed a lie. We bought into an erroneous theory. We believed what “they” told us. We swallowed American social myths whole and unchewed.

Now we are confused. “Holy Moses; I have have been deceived!” We feel gypped (taken for a fool by a gypsy!). We’ve been hit by… a smooth criminal!. somebody betrayed us. This was not how it was supposed to be. We worked hard. We stayed off the streets and out of jail. And this is the reward we get? We feel betrayed.

Shelly Scriba noticed a general trend in the thought behavior of the children of the “greatest generation”, the “boomers” and talks about it in her article at the  Boomer Cafe Sheila Denton of the Boomers Next Step group on Linked In began a lively discussion about that article going on right now.

Review last week’s  blog about how for some people job loss=identity loss: Shapeshifter: Sense of Identity and Job Loss.

Somewhere along the line we believed the propaganda that if we worked hard and got good grades, we would land good paying jobs, succeed in our careers, have nice homes in the safe suburbs and live perfect lives. After all, we good, clean Americans deserved it (?!) Anybody who deviated from that hallowed path was branded “failure”. We would stay with one company until they gave us our watch and roses just like our parents did. We planned to live on our employer assisted retirement  accounts until death did us part. We expected that spending retirement days chilling out at the beach and going fishing would be enough.


Victoree’s Shape-shifting Job Gypsy Game

Art Deco Frame

Art Deco Frame found in Dover Publications

Last week, we began a discussion about finding “the divine mandate” or one’s “life passion”. As I told you, I had difficulty confidently answering the question, “what do you really want to do?” and “what is your passion?” I became whatever was needed where needed. While making a living as a “temp”; a “job gypsy”, I habitually ignored my own innate passion. Being able to actually connect with work and actually enjoy what I did to make money seemed to be a fairy tale to me. Being able to make meaning at work? Ludicrous! My sense of direction, my inner compass became confused.

Let’s invent a game.

I’m going to give it a working name. I’ll  name it after me, “Victoree’s  Shape Shifting Job Gypsy Card Game”. I sourced the art deco cards from the free Dover art collection you can get every week here: It’s a favorite frame I originally used for my personal scrap booking project about the election of 2008. I’ll share it with you one day only if enough readers ask.  You can  find the Dover Art series of  clip art books at any Borders Book Store in the art and design section.

The object of this game is to come closer to finding out your “true work”.  Any number can play. Caveat: This game is meant for entertainment only and is not in any way meant to substitute for professional career counseling. Yes, I know your career is nothing to play with, but, I have found out in my short lifetime that games can teach.   (look me up on Linked In. I do hold the M. Ed. in elementary education. Theory is from Piaget.) Approaching new things through play is a time and teacher honored way to deal with a scary subject. Mr. Rogers said, “You can play about it”.

This game is the result of my months of reading career search books and taking various self-administered tests. The object of all this research  is to  gather together as much intelligence about  the self as possible to  determine a career direction more accurately.  The research will be then used to fill out the face of the cards. When we finish making the cards, we will begin the real play.

The game approaches self-knowledge from multiple “ways of seeing”  and is most valuable as a sort of “compass”. This is my theory: looking at yourself from as many angles as possible helps build a truer picture. It helps jump over the fences of how we have been conditioned to think about ourselves. Remember my comments about a six-year-old running an adult life a few weeks ago in, “Sit down and shut up little girl“? That’s what I mean by conditioned thinking about the self.  I have found a binder and a highlighter useful while doing the research.

First, let’s do your colors and  decide whether you’re an “out-ie” or an “in-ie” (extroverted or introverted).  I’m inventing and playing concurrently with you. If you come up with suggestions to tweak it,  comment about it. I hope you’ll gain knowledge and have fun.

So, are you introverted or extroverted? Blue, red, green or gold? Find out at:

Four Temperments, Four Colors and Finding Your Passion


ancestor of science

The Alchemist

Last time I sent you off to do some homework about finding out what “color” your personality was and I sent you here: This is Carolyn Kalil’s ”Follow your true colors to the work you love”.

The next colors test is the Keirsey Temperment Sorter II, found here: Warning: I was a third grade teacher. Do your homework. Plus, I really think you just may find them extremely interesting.

Guess what else I have done in the meantime? I took “Strengthfinder 2.0″ by T. Rath. You can find the book at Go here:

I highly recommend buying this book as one of the best things you could ever do for your career, if you are seeking direction and want to know yourself better. There is a single-use code in the back of the work that you can use to make max benefit of the website and get your personalized report. I am reading it and comparing the results with what I got from the Kirsey Temperment Sorter.

People have always been curious about human personality types going back beyond classical times.  This one dates to the middle ages–the “four humours”: I became  intrigued earlier in my life with this ancient form of temperment and personality typing. Just for a laugh, try to find yourself in this midaeval methodology and lay it beside the more modern instruments. It might be enlightening or crazy or it might make a picture of yourself clearer.

Does it all begin  to sound like “the sorting hat” for you? If you were going to school at Hogwarts, which house would YOU be in anyway? I’m a Ravenclaw. Could you figure out my dominant color just from knowing that?

Temperment and Discovering Your Passion


Keirsey Personality Sorter Dominant Color Card

Keirsey Green Dominant INFJGreen dominant/Blue secondary

As we continue building our “Job Gypsy Game”, we continue the discussion about finding passion, or discovering the “Devine Mandate”. We are going to build four cards together. The first one comes from the results of the Keirsey temperament Sorter. The Keirsey temperament Sorter asks a bank of questions and yields results  in a series of letters that stand for different traits. I had a career coach friend help me to get accurate results from mine. This a also strange: I changed over the years.  I habitually do tests like this every 5 years or so and compare them to keep current of the trajectory of my personal change over time.

There is a free version online. Go here:

At left you see a version my first card. According to Dr. Keirsey, people generally tend to be either introverted or extroverted. Then, they fall under one of four “temperaments”: guardian (yellow), Idealist(green), Rational (blue), or artisan (red). Next, within a temperament, there is a dominant and a subordinate. So, for example, I am a dominant green (idealist), but I have a minor blue (rational).

green temperment with minor

Green dominant/Blue secondary

If you follow the Keirsey system, your dominant temperament breaks down into four flavors or kinds within  temperaments. For example, in the green group there are “counselors”, “teachers”, “champions” and “healers”. This is key: they are related but by no means the same. Write in the “flavor” of your dominant inside the oval below your dominant temperament (See example at right). Color the oval at the top of the card in your dominant color. Write your code below the oval. Write your minor temperament “undertone” in its own color on the bottom of the card.

NB: This game is a solitary enterprise, yet you can “play beside” a neighbor. As I say, “we walk our paths separately together, but not alone”.  Yourpersonal playing mat represents your “personality context”, either white or black: white for extrovert; black for introvert. You find that out from the sorter. Of course, you’ll find out the method in my madness next time! Why not have fun with this? Plus, hey, if you wait until we’re all finished, it will come out in a download for purchase.

Your Strengths, Your Code and Your Divine Mandate

needle and fiber optic thread
“Connection”. Find image at:
completed strengths and interests card

This week we will use some research on yourself  to make the second of the series of four cards in our Job Gypsy game. Remember we began with the premise that if we brought different kinds of data together in one place we could more clearly discern our own “Divine Mandate” or our “sense of purpose”. At least we would have created a vehicle with enough hard intelligence to be able to take a good educated guess. I thought the image above from was so cool because it is the best visual I have ever seen of my personal understanding of ”connectedness”–my #2 strength, and “learner”, my #3 strength. It’s like this:strength#1 acts to feed strengths#2 and #3 to make strengths#4 and #5 happen in the real world.  My Holland code gives me a clue about the best kinds of jobs to use my strengths in.

You need two things to complete the “strengths and interests” card. First, you need to get your top 5 strengths from the results you get after you take Tom Rath’s  ”Strengthsfinder2.o”.  You can find the book in your local Barnes and Noble or When you buy the book, an individual numerical key in the back of the book (check your purchase for thieves) that will admit you to the website. There, you will get a readout of your test. You can see my top 5 strengths on my card (at left).

Then, you will need your Holland Code. Mine is “AES”, on the bottom of my card. You first meet the work of John Holland when you contact the Richard Bolles’ career classic, “What Color is Your Parachute” in the “Party Exercise“. At the completion of the party exercise you will have your three letter Holland Code. By the way, this code translates  into work “groups”, “categories” or ”concentrations” in the DOT (Directory of Occupational Titles). If you take a career test at any Career One Stop center, as I did, you will find the test combines your Holland Code with another “talent” finder (feeler). The result will lay your Holland Code beside your talent/potential score in a table. The premise is that you may have strong interest in something, but may not have the talent to succeed in it. I have actually had one talent stated that I did not display any interest in! Likewise I found I had talent in places I pray I will use extremely little in my next career. As I have heard it said, “never mistake skill for desire”. Just because you’re good at it does not mean you will want to make a career doing it. You may find surprises in this little research journey that could take you into a whole new successful direction. You never know. Keep an open heart.

Sometimes you will have to take these things with a pinch of salt… I chose  purple for the oval at the top of my card in spite of the fact of a change in dominance my ”third eye” (blue) over my “crown chakra” (purple). I now have lived so that there is less of a tendency to over-intellectualize things. Hey, I had to add a little fun. Find the chakra test here:  You may make yours any color you like or leave it white until you feel like coloring it in. Do your homework and I’ll see you next time when we make the third card.

Finding Your Passion: The Soul’s Choice Card


The Soul's Fire

completed Soul’s Choice card

My dining table is an ongoing feast. Whenever I am not nourishing the body from it, I am nourishing my soul. Small office equipment  sits on the broad end where a now grown and gone daughter used to sit. A short stack of books occupies the queen’s position where I used to sit facing my husband in the days before “the great downsizing”–back when the dining table was just a place to eat.

I collect information like some people collects rocks or bugs or baseball cards. Of course, if you had been following the Job Gypsy Card Game development, you already know that. That’s my “Learner” strength in full glory.  Right now, buried in the perma-frost of paper  on my desk/dining table there is a scrap of paper with some thoughts scribbled down while in a hospital waiting room a few years ago.  I was between jobs and the perennial question that kept popping up every time I completed a project was, “What is your life worth?” My eye was drawn to the cover of “O” magazine promising an article about significance and work on the lamp stand. In it was a wee questionnaire that asked,” Does your job feed your soul?”

I remember the briny, fiery tears of frustration rolling down my face when I recognized what a black hole working was for me.

No. My job does not feed my soul. It diminishes me and makes no use of  any of the skills or talents I enjoy using.

That moment in a hospital waiting room changed my life forever. In the last few weeks we have been working to pull together from several sources intelligence about the self. The big idea is to lay it all out side by side; to see it all from a bird’s eye view to come to the conclusion of a career/life direction. “What Color Is Your Parachute” does this in the “flower” exercise. All the results of the sorters are put on that “one piece of paper”.

woodcut of 12 century pre-scientist
The Alchemist

Another way of wrapping the head around the idea is  envisioning it as a process of dropping in all the elements into a crucible. Now, it is time for it to be blackened into the first of its forms so you’ve got to have the fire to do that. The fire is your soul’s choice; your personal reason for moving to do things; your MO. This is the your life’s value system-belief system-ordered way of looking at the world card; short lists of the story content behind our actions.  These lists are  2 five jewel strands of what you determine to be what you value most in life is the first list. NB: these are life values, not career related values.

There is a life values test at “What’s Next” / It’s free. go here:  Also, there is a values sorter included in the pages of that job hunters’ fave, Bolles’ annual, “What Color Is Your Parachute?”.

Play this little game:   If you do it with awareness and thoughtfulness, it could be enlightening and it’s free. I like this game. It’s fast and surprisingly good.

the  second list would be valuable to me,  to people of faith and to anyone who believes that Heaven gives “gifts” or special abilities to be used in the service of  mankind and the Faith.  For me (remember the Christian base I told you about) it is one more confirmation–in case I doubted any of the information gathered before. Some may question the validity or the value of this card, but I think this is an extremely important card because  it points  thinking toward seeking to join companies, ministries, organizations or a groups whose “mission statement” ( its value system) matches. Case in point: if your #1value is peace between people, will you ever knowingly work for a firm that creates code to be used to build weapons? If you do, how do you reconcile yourself with that?

You can Google “spiritual gifts” and find a good free test. Team Ministries is a good way to go.

Of course the main thing is to come up with at least five things that are extremely important to you in life…your value system. As you can see, my main concern is to be in “The Will” or have a close relationship with God. Quite correct, because everything else, believe it or not flows out of this very top concern. I judge all things in the light of whether or not it will add to or subtract from my relationship with God/spiritual power base/Divine Mandate/Will of God.

Just to have a bit of fun, Google, “4 humors“. There are several pre-Freudian personality constructions. Thinkers have always been curious about why people seem to fall under one of several “temperaments” or “types”. Aristotle had his theory.  I would fall under, “melancholic”/humor dominated by the element, “black bile”. No biggie. From one extreme end to the other so were the Old Testament prophet, Nathan, medieval St. John of the Cross, Robert Burns and Edgar Allan Poe. If I were career hunting in the 12th century, I would have joined a cloistered religious order and probably would have become its Mother Superior over the course of a career. Modernity makes things so complicated!

See you next time when we draw the last card and roll out the full spread.


The “Wrecking Ball” Card: 5 Career Deal Breakers


5 things to ask a potential employer

The “Wrecking Ball” Card

This is the fourth and final card in the spread, the “wrecking ball” card. On this card are five things that will make working at any specific place like living in Hell. Above, I am showing you my own completed card. To get a sense of what should be on yours, Look at your other cards.  Look at your temperament and your strengths.  Look at your gifts and your Holland Code.  Look at your value system. Take all that in consideration and  think deeply about what kind of work environment you simply could not tolerate.  For the “glass half full” crowd: think deeply about and envision the kind of work environment that would bring out the best in you.  You actually could write your card from either angle. You choose. As an aside, “glass half empty” people are not evil. Just different.

Think about it like this: would you marry someone you did not know well? After all, a huge investment of life-time will be spent preparing for, commuting back and forth from, and living at a place of employment for at least two or three years.  Interviewing is much like the courtship period of a relationship–the time you find out that the face she presents comes out of a bottle and that he hates to go anywhere that does not have a TV in it.

With both dating and working it is much better to find out as much as possible on the front end. It pays to be able to make an educated decision about how your most precious commodity, your time, will be spent. This set of five intolerable conditions would be your “career deal breakers”; things you would say, “no thanks” to an employer about in the interview. Though you may think you are desperate enough to “take anything”, that is not quite the truth nor would it be wise. And another thing: you cannot do anything you want to do actually. You came to the earth with an assignment; a “Divine Mandate”. You came equipped to do your job on earth, not every job.

For example: I will always be better with words than numbers. I admire people who can reason in numbers. They’re cool. However, I know myself so well that I am quite comfy being an expert in  language and not worried about my dearest friend, the engineer, who is an expert in her field.

Unfortunately, education is not into strengths development. School has led us into this myth of “you can do everything well”; that “deficiency teaching–bettering your weaknesses” at the expense of building natural strengths is a good thing. Let me tell you this: You can teach a fish to climb all you want. A squirrel will always be better at it. You can reward a tortoise all you want. The hare will always be the faster runner.

Spun out all the way to the end, some form of the “wrecking ball conditions”  may be at the heart of the issues you could be fired for three to six months down the road.

As said earlier, there are things you would rather know on the front end about an employer. The interview is the appropriate time to find out what you might not be able to discern from other research. In the interview, rephrase the statements on your card into positively posed questions to the potential employer. The answers will tip you off to a company’s culture and clue you in about whether or not you might fit.

Many people think they do not have choices in this job search game. The fact is you do. It pays in the long run to make the best decisions possible by researching, asking, talking, networking, listening to employees (past and present), and “reading between the lines”–reading the cards.

Victoree’s Job Gypsy Card Game Full Spread


Victoree's Shape Shifting Job Gypsy Card Game Full Spread

Victoree’s “Full Spread”

When you finish making all your cards, place them in order on your black or white mat, the “full spread” looks like the illustration at left. With all the information in one place, the next thing to do is…stare. that’s right. Print it out and look at it. I do not mean a passing glance. I am talking about taking this into a space where you are undisturbed for a while and giving it full attention. Concentrate on what you see. Take it to a Starbucks or another favorite place and put it out in front of a good friend. Ask him/her what it is a picture of. A career; a job; a direction may just arise in the middle of your meditations.

Mind you, I am an introspective type by nature and meditation states are my home element. However, when attempting to redefine yourself or “shape-shift” into a new position/way of looking at yourself; if you are trying to recover from the damage of going against your authentic self; if you are trying to course correct onto your true path it is useful to “gaze” at your spread. It may speak to you. Mull over it. Look at it the last thing at night. Keep it handy for quick reference.

Here’s your assignment for the winter holiday-Christmas break-Solstice: take a clean sheet of paper and write down your impressions of your spread. Is it suggesting a type of job; an industry; a service; a business? Never mind about grammar, spelling, and format. This is a free-write.  It may very well surprise you. While you are at it, the time toward a new year is always a good time to take a long look at your present path. I am not talking about making another resolution to loose weight or stop smoking or stop overeating. These are good things, but are you really convinced that this is going to actually happen in your life? How dedicated are you to the work of changing/shape shifting? Do you have the courage it will take to keep your word to yourself?

  • Are you headed in the right direction?
  • What are you going to do differently in 2011?
  • What are you not going to do?
  • What are you going to do to further your goals in life; in your job; in your personal life?

This is the last post for the year 2010. It is time to determine whether or not to end or revamp “Victoree’s Blog”. If it has been  useful for your personal development, I would be most happy to know that.

Be at peace within and without.

Put a poultice of intensive love on those spots in your life you commonly neglect.

This is war. Take no prisoners.

Braninstorming-Make The Job Gypsy Cards Speak To You

lightning bolt

Brainstorming-spinning dream cloth

It was fun, wasn’t it? Over the past several weeks, we developed a card game we originally called, “Victoree’s shape-shifting job gypsy card game“. Look forward to a book edition of the game in 2011 as either a downloadable  e-book or an upon-request book. Doing some research of your own along with me through these columns, we built four cards:temperamentstrengthsthe soul’s choices, and the “wrecking ball”.

Intuition-dominant people have used several kinds of divination methods over the lifespan of humankind to give informed advice about the past, the present and the future. This game is not a “fortune telling device”. The object of this game is to gather together some of the most accurate and truthful information about the self in brief, handleable form in order that a solitary player may make a wise decision as to what his/her “correct work” is– that career, occupation, job, or vocation where the strongest talents will be used to give the highest and best contribution. We gleaned information using some of the best known and respected instruments including strengthsfinder2.o, the Holland Code, and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. Some free. Some not. The thinking of some of my favorite authors including Richard Bolles, John CrystalThomas Moore and Dr. Stephen Covey gave the Job Gypsy Card Game its philosophical foundations.

Being the information pack rat and lover of history that I am, I added the odd  note for a bit of  spike. Basically, I invented this game for folk who, like me,  have a tendency to get so involved with the details of the trip that they forget the original destination. They loose focus. Their natural curiosity about everything draws them off task….often.  Such folk evenappear to have no destination or cannot easily explain in clear language what that end point is. I invented this game for you, tuatha!:

  • intellection-dominant
  • visual thinkers
  • holistic/”Gestalt” Jung-visionaries (as opposed to Freudian types)

Last week’s assignment was to “stare”; to “gaze” at the cards. I am straining my strength of connectedness to see how all the information fits together to form a whole. I have been gazing and thinking about what kinds of jobs or occupations are arising out of the information on my spread; what is “manifesting itself” and saying, “you belong here”.  It may take several sessions of brainstorming to get a clear gem of truth.

the alchemist

the alchemist

This is the next step. Let the cards speak to you. This is what I mean: keep staring. Keep gazing. Then, write….or talk.  Get a clean page or a clean tape and write/speak down all the impressions you get from your ruminations. Brainstorm. Let your brain fall out on the page. Yes, it will make a mighty mess, but it is a necessary part of that alchemical process I mentioned earlier.

Indeed, the results of this game will inform my action plan–the next step in the process of fulfilling my Divine Mandate. What about you? Are you thinking about this year?  How about this–think not in terms of another common New Year’s resolution, but in terms of your own Divine Mandate. What ought you to be about to farther your assignment on planet earth?

Prosperity and victory


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