Happy Labor Day, from Victoree

Rosie The Riviter Honor Labor poster

Rosie says…

It’s the last party of the summer. It’s the holiday before we hang up our bathing suits and face the fact that last fall’s clothes don’t fit. After the heartburn from the hot dogs is long gone, we launch into the matter of school–beginning with, “what is school for?”

trinity-knot-clipart-1Whether we in this society state it clearly enough, consider that an active, successful producer in the workforce is the end product of schooling. We go to school to go to work and expect to work darned hard, too. Here’s a twist on that from the founder of Mindvalley,  Vishen Lakhiani. Over the years, industry has uncoupled itself from any responsibility for training and the task floated to education to basically prepare new entrants to the workforce. So, education and industry work hand in hand (or they used to). Instead, Industry and Education became like long-married people who grow apart over the years. This is why companies grumble when they discover they have acquired new hires who do not “come up to spec”. They feel somehow that they have been “cheated” and the schools have “failed” because the product they were promised never shows up. The relationship of school and industry is essentially a provider-consumer relationship. Then, we as a society hope that the schools we release our precious youth to, these educational expert partners we support with our taxes will somehow accomplish this:

  •  turn out good, patriotic citizens
  • caring, concerned parents
  • generally moral people

Yes, I said, “turn out”, because, let me repeat, the unspoken social contract school has with industry is that school will do the workforce preparation and industry will provide the employment. Religious institutions have the job of providing the moral piece. However, something has happened to “the triple knot” of home, school and business.

Whether you will be returning to school, college or work, remember on Labor Day (before the heartburn after that hamburger) that an honest day’s labor is an honorable thing to be celebrated. Work is not a curse. It is a blessing.

Happy Labor Day, from Victoree





Happy Memorial Day, from Victoree


Remembering all them who died; fighting for they who remain alive…

It’s the official beginning of summer. It’s the smell of Angus beef and fresh charcoal; the roar of Rolling Thunder bearing down on Washington, DC. On Memorial Day years rewind to those hopeful summers when we just-graduated, just married and just got a new job. Although broader brimmed hats and forgiving canvas flats are preferred now, Memorial Day still summons the shades of other times when promises were sealed with a pinky swear. I remember the classmates who never became fathers and grandfathers:

On the 30th of May

We honor those today

Who gave their best

And stood the test

In lands far away.

It is a day dedicated to memory. As you remember on this day may those memories–bitter or sweet–be sign posts of more meaningful, hopeful, positive tomorrows.

Memorial Day Blessings,


Happy Mother’s Day from Victoree

pomegranatetree esotericastrologer.org

Uh oh! It’s Mother’s Day! Here come the sloppy kisses, melted crayon paintings and craft stick what-the-heck-izzits ooozing white glue, all wonderingly accepted with varying degrees of patience and lots of love. Whether you are a mother-to-be, a mommie, a mom mourning, a “big Momma” or an abuelita, you are queen today, so we celebrate you:

vintage-public-domain-pink-white-roses-card-for-mothers-dayMay the joy of the flourishing tree be yours today.

vintage-public-domain-pink-white-roses-card-for-mothers-dayMay the rest you deserve from laboring in life’s harvest be yours today.

vintage-public-domain-pink-white-roses-card-for-mothers-dayMay the sorrow you wear like a shroud become a crown as you remember the child you lost today.

vintage-public-domain-pink-white-roses-card-for-mothers-dayMay honor and blessing for your wisdom and love be yours today and always.

mothers_day_mkhHappy Mother’s Day

from Victoree

Hang On To Your Hats! Victoree Is Changing

Fruit harvest

Fruit harvest

Thank you so much, dearest readers, for supporting Victoree’s Blog: No White Flag all these posts. As the author, I have enjoyed every bit of the ride with you.

As we change cars in life, it is now clear that it is about time to begin the metamorphosis including reworking this blog until it becomes a site. It will be renamed, restructured, but have all the same punch and fun you have come to expect from the irreverent Victoree, the job gypsy lady. I got a taste of writing for business audience with a venture into the LinkedIn blog, Pulse and found it a robust platform for addressing workplace issues. However, Pulse tends to take itself rather seriously in its attempt to appeal to its professional audience and, as you know, the Victoree approach is a little “edgy” and irreverent.

Girl unsure whether or not to be seen or get not seen

What will change:

  • Web address
  • Appearance – some “steampunk-like elements”
  • Potential New Name: Victoree’s Industrial Mythology
  • Movement toward becoming part of a professional author “platform”/media presence
  • Stronger professional-workplace emphasis
  • Less “personal opinion/emo-kid blah-blah-blah”
  • More journalistic style insight into the area of work issues but without the “heaviness” of Pulse
  • Integration with “Fruitivity: The Almanac of Life Husbandry”- inclusive personal development /career management arm of Victoree

Patriotic_USA_Funny_American_Barbecue_Clipart-1(1)What will not change:

  • The Victoree hardcore irreverence and Mark Twain-ish commentary on workforce issues
  • On-point, up to date relevance to current thinking on job searching and changing ideas about work

As you enjoy this wonderful weekend in celebration of workers, please accept my appreciation for your loyalty. Be safe. Happy Labor Day!

From Victoree


Remember: Freedom is not free

Remember: Freedom is not free

As we continue with the telling of personal stories, I am happy to say that this month I will celebrate another year’s journey in the third age of life. 30 years ago, I was bringing into the world another female soul. No need for fireworks. I was making my own. If you are celebrating in the “ruby month” with me and mine, happy birthday to you too!  Is not July the queen of times to come into the world? Hey, lots of great, important things happened in July. The first human walked on the moon in July. The days of the astrological sign, cancer, whose ruling planet is the moon, dominates July. You can say it’s the month of lunacy. It was once believed that mentally imbalanced folk were overcome by the influence of the moon, hence from the word, lunatic from Luna (goddess of the moon). If there ever was a time for being “way out in left field” with that insane idea, that laughable technical model, whatever preposterous proposition or even that long-shot presidential bid, July is it! Lay the excuse on the heat and get it done.

What is it but crazy that so many outrageous things happened under the summer moon of July? One sweltering day in July two centuries ago, a brave people decided against all odds and common sense to became a nation. July, the month of our national birthday, then, is a sweet, natural time to reflect upon our national soul’s direction. It is a time to remember the noble purpose that kept those sweating, horse-fly bothered nation-founders hammering on the anvil of the ages until the biggest social experiment on earth came into shape.

Today We The People of the the USA hallow the 4th day of July with fireworks, picnics and parades. May we forever keep with awareness our freedom so dearly purchased. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There are the threats. We have heard threats since the day we were born. Threats will always come to anybody doing anything worthwhile. We will live through them.

Is this not still the home of the brave?

Happy birthday, USA!


Happy Father’s Day from Victoree

SD (Saint Daddy)

SD (Saint Daddy)

To all the men who have the privilege of having somebody in life who honors you as “father” or “dad” or even, “the old man” today, may you have one of your best days today.

To all of us who for whatever the reason are missing or bereft of a day, may today be a time of stowing away good memories or cleansing of not-so-good memories.

To all the men who act as mentors, big brothers, confessors and friends…a big bouquet of thanks.

Happy Father’s Day.



Mothers of Inventions, It’s Your Day!

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

I get the biggest kick on earth listening to the younger members of my family at family reunions. I am not ashamed to tell you how much of a thrill it is to watch them growing up strong in their professions. It makes me hopeful that the USA will not blow itself to bits as I expected back in the 60’s in the middle of “the long, hot summer”. Even the recent trouble in Baltimore does not shake my faith because as long as there are the young, the world has a fighting chance for a future. Merely seeing my sons and daughters, my nieces and nephews swirling around is not THE biggest thing. The opportunity to inspire them is.

So today, mothers, it’s our day. Let’s speak encouragement into the lives of our kids and every young person in our circle of influence. Even if we have no children who came through our bodies, there are children who came to us through our hearts. Let’s renew our pledge to love them. Let’s drop a little match on the tinder of their ideas. Let’s tell them, “your’re smart. Why don’t you come up with a way…a invention…a method?

To all mothers–birth mothers, foster mothers, grandmothers too. For all the inventions, all the ideas, and all the art you inspire, have a blessed Mother’s Day.


Merry Christmas from Victoree

View of the winter bridge

View of the winter bridge

A season of rest at last!

All the planning, decorating, baking, stamp-licking, gift hunting and general flying anxiety is done!

Let it go, my brothers and sisters. Give yourself permission to let it go.

Be satisfied within your soul that you did a great job. Repeat after me: It’s beautiful! Congratulate yourself even if the cake fell and the roast burned to a smoking crisp.

Everything that did not get done by now, will not get done and it’s OK. Really. Hit the pause button on the job search.

It is time to relax, enjoy and celebrate. Here come the parties, the cookies, the wonderful flavors and the extra calories. Join the dance, if only for a brief while (be careful, if you’re carb sensitive like yours truly. Watch the meter! Eat mindfully).

Embrace the season. The old year is leaving the building.

Have a very Merry Christmas and may prosperity catch up with you and give you a big kiss in the new year.

-Victoree –

(Victoree is celebrating Christmas this week. She’ll be back by Hogmanay)


Have A Quiet, Peaceful Thanksgiving – From Victoree

Maybe your family does not look in any way like this iconic image painted by Norman Rockwell.

Maybe you are a widow  this year and your heart is too sore to think about celebrating anything.

Maybe you don’t have a family…you are in foster care.

Maybe you’re stuck here for the holiday because going home for winter break means a ticket to take you across the country or across the ocean.

Maybe you wish all this mishigas were over fast so you can get on with life. Bah! Humbug!

English: "The First Thanksgiving at Plymo...

English: “The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth” (1914) By Jennie A. Brownscombe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe you are trying your best to downsize your traditional recipes because there will only be the two of you at the table  for the first time in years.

Dearest sisters and brothers in the human condition, ride through.

Decide to venture outside the house and down the street; maybe to a diner or a neighbor’s house.

Decide to share yourself with someone who needs your company; your empathy; your help.

Decide to be the cure for loneliness, sadness, hunger and emotional pain.

However you decide to honor this National Day of Thanks,

May you be blessed and a blessing.

Have a peaceful Thanksgiving.