The Dream Intended

English: Dr. Martin Luther King giving his &qu...

The United States of America in the vision so lucidly described by Dr. Martin Luther King is not totally manifested yet and I question its ever coming into existence 100%, but it is a wonderful thing to see how much of it is now reality.

It inspires faith to keep believing that the things I envision; the things in my intention are hacking out space in reality as I focus each day on the good I want to see happen in my life. That includes a marvelous “act three” in my career. Its unarticulated body undeniably exists and is dancing within the womb of my soul. It keeps me up nights.  I am now creating its hands and feet and eyes and voice.

Now is not the time to stop dreaming. Dreaming may not be the appropriate word for the important work of building a reality. It approaches more closely the meaning of the word, “intention”, as used to describe what we do when we focus attention and resources on an end we want to see accomplished or something we desire come into being.