Chinese New Year Greetings


It’s the year of the fire rooster according to the Chinese reckoning. That’s a promise of surprises (yeah! travel bans!), bold moves (three huge protest rallies in 30 days!)and outbreaks of radical ideas from unexpected places and people. This is the year the board gets knocked off the table, not just cleared; this is the year the game changes and the rules shift; this is the year social tectonic plates collide. Who can guess what forms the quakes and tsunamis will take or where they will hit? It might be the year that a new business finally gets off the ground or a new career begins. Early retirement begins for me this year. Work will take a”twist”, as paid employment will be a lesser part of the lifestyle combination instead of the main event. As more “boomers” are choosing this option, it becomes a subject worthy of investigation. Whatever this year of the fire fowl will bring (will that wall really go up?) may it bring blessing in surprising ways all through.

Happy Lunar New Year,



And Days of Auld Lang Syne

Dawn as seen from space

Dawn as seen from space

In this the final week of 2013, our minds turn inward to consider the events and discoveries of the year rushing into forever and outward to squint toward the horizon of expectations in the new year. Regrets are wiped and resolutions to change attempt to stand in their places (broken by March!).

It was a pleasure sharing the ride with you in 2013 and here I leave you to continue on. As this year vanishes into a spot in your rear view mirror, I hope the journey together through different stop offs has in some way enriched your life. Perhaps we will meet again in the new year and continue down the road.

Until then, I wish everyone blessing, prosperity, hope and love in 2014.

As ever,