One Light Dims In The Season Of Light


220px-john_glenn_portraitThere seems to be one idea embedded in this season for several celebrations that happen in the winter: light overcoming the darkness. Generally, human beings would rather not be in the dark. It’s scary and often cold. Anyone who would bring light to anything anywhere will have to purposefully chose to vacate the safety of the communal fire and brave the darkness. Seeing the naked face of  the unknown; the darkness is an accepted occupational hazard for pioneers. In the times John Glenn lived, there was a critical mass of the brave. It was a season that required a convergence of strength, but conquering entrenched cultural darkness  certainly can be lonely. Winter nights so long, dark and cold can get so depressing that just a single flicker of light brings a sense of relief and hope.Few faith systems celebrate the darkness. Rituals to drive darkness away abound. Today we celebrate the life of one who went beyond the protective, warm atmosphere of earth into the dark and cold of space. John Glenn’s travels are done. This pioneer in space and government on earth relocated from the gathering dark and cold of winter in humanity to the “Bosom of Abraham”, a place of bright light and warmth. Earth out.

God speed, John Glenn.


What Are You Going To Be?

cupcake-girlI substitute teach in elementary schools and I work part-time in a retail store. For the past two weeks the hot question has been, “so, what are you going as?” As you know, All Hallows Eve is facing us and that means many things to many people. There are those who will pretend they are not at home and sit under house arrest all night with the lights out and the blinds drawn. There are grown people who will don fancy dress and parade in the streets, recapturing a spirit of fun lost somewhere in the process of getting to adulthood. There are those who will say, “Bah! Humbug!”…Sorry, wrong holiday. There are others who will give spooky parties or alternatives to a spooky party, like the Bullfrogs and Butterflies themed programs and the Trunk or Treat programs. Pintrest has a few ideas for the occasion. Haunted and other surprise themed houses will pop up like weeds.

When the Feast of All Saints dawns on November 1, the madness will be done and the preparations for my favorite celebrations will begin. The year is winding down and I will begin preparing for the coming winter holidays. My holiday decor has four distinct forms. I do one each year. I extend an invitation into “the fourth year”. The fourth year, election year, I theme a “clearing” year–a special, peaceful, thoughtful, resetting, re prioritizing. The earths’s dance around the sun has come to its beginning and end. See you at the beginning of “clearing”.

Happy Labor Day, from Victoree

Rosie The Riviter Honor Labor poster

Rosie says…

It’s the last party of the summer. It’s the holiday before we hang up our bathing suits and face the fact that last fall’s clothes don’t fit. After the heartburn from the hot dogs is long gone, we launch into the matter of school–beginning with, “what is school for?”

trinity-knot-clipart-1Whether we in this society state it clearly enough, consider that an active, successful producer in the workforce is the end product of schooling. We go to school to go to work and expect to work darned hard, too. Here’s a twist on that from the founder of Mindvalley,  Vishen Lakhiani. Over the years, industry has uncoupled itself from any responsibility for training and the task floated to education to basically prepare new entrants to the workforce. So, education and industry work hand in hand (or they used to). Instead, Industry and Education became like long-married people who grow apart over the years. This is why companies grumble when they discover they have acquired new hires who do not “come up to spec”. They feel somehow that they have been “cheated” and the schools have “failed” because the product they were promised never shows up. The relationship of school and industry is essentially a provider-consumer relationship. Then, we as a society hope that the schools we release our precious youth to, these educational expert partners we support with our taxes will somehow accomplish this:

  •  turn out good, patriotic citizens
  • caring, concerned parents
  • generally moral people

Yes, I said, “turn out”, because, let me repeat, the unspoken social contract school has with industry is that school will do the workforce preparation and industry will provide the employment. Religious institutions have the job of providing the moral piece. However, something has happened to “the triple knot” of home, school and business.

Whether you will be returning to school, college or work, remember on Labor Day (before the heartburn after that hamburger) that an honest day’s labor is an honorable thing to be celebrated. Work is not a curse. It is a blessing.

Happy Labor Day, from Victoree