A Bouquet of Dandelions

fe4400d0c9bb446860fde856a078796eSuch days we’re in, January 2017; such days. We greeted a new year, celebrated a barrier crashing hero and inaugurated a new world leader. I only watched snippets of the new president’s first address to the nation. I will perhaps watch the entire speech sometime this week out of the draft of the death breath commentary from the usual post speech hyenas and ravens–the bone pickers. Yesterday, I attended the women’s march in spirit from my living room so I included a little solar new year greeting today (remember the lunar new year is coming next week). We are like danelion. Each one of us is an idea that when we share our thoughts spread them over the whole field–our sphere of influence. Words are the seeds of ideas. If you blog; if you are a communicator.Those seeds on the current of the winds of media go on to make new gardens in other places. This is going to be an unusual year judging from its beginnings…may all the ideas we plant bring a harvest of good things.