Go ‘Head On! Give Fearlessly


We welcome and embrace December: cold, rainy, snowy, last-month-of-the-year December. And, what do we think about? What is behind all the fighting at the mall? Somebody’s smile! December is about GIVING! All the greasy stuff at the bottom of the drip pan that floated up about the legitimacy of certain non-profits the presidential candidates associated with generally put non-profit organizations in a not-so-flattering light. An “Ebenezer Scrooge spirit” has gripped America as reflected in weaker, stingier resposes to the call of the mercy-showers on behalf of the needy.

Let me predict something here: the rules about who gets funded and who goes down in flames will definately and drastically change –not in the favor of charitable/humanitarian orgainizations. Fewer volunteers will answer. Fewer donors will contribute less. Some of the biggest and best known names in the non-profit world will close their door forever. It will not be a kinder, gentler America unless…

…We defy hopelessness and come up with new ideas:more cost effective, more effective, less wasteful ways to alleviate poverty and its ugly sisters. Refusing to throw a general “Bah, humbug” blanket over all non-profits, we will purpose to give fearlessly. Resisting the urge to withdraw we will move forward toward fearless giving. We will lend our knowledge and skill to help a startup business come into existence. We will start and support grass roots effots to give a “hand up” wherever we can. For ecample: pre-interview low-cost haircuts and grooming essentials for the unemployed; a one-year subscription to Lynda or Alison learning companies for anyone who wants to upgrade a skillset.

I say fight the current move  toward “Scrooge-ism”. It’s December. It’s giving season. Go ‘head! Give fearlessly!