Happy Turkey Day from Victoree

wRU3ncoU_400x400Victoree is on vacation this week because Thanksgiving Day is the “superbowl” of homemaking when women from coast to coast freak out about dust bunnies and the right wine. Please pardon the poor soul who just could not help preparing the image on the left to display, but since the turn of events happened, a turkey had to be dropped in for another year. The bubbly will stay  closed until the first hour of 2017.

However, we still have something to be extremely grateful for. After the Civil War, President Lincoln signed into law an observance of thanks for the genius that is America. Thanksgiving Day is one day out of all the days on the calendar that  America stops to recognize the blessing that even changes like the revolution of 11/8/16 could happen without tanks rolling in the streets and soldiers posted on every corner.