Getting Rich Slowly

View of fall foliage from a bridge on Lake Anne, Reston VA

Second bloom on Lake Anne

November’s arrival turns our heads to think about wealth a whole lot: (the 90%) who’s got it; (the rest of us) who does not; how to get more of it; how to keep it (from being stolen, embezzled, bamboozled, extorted by your own government); where to find it; how to keep it…

You know what I am beginning to understand? wealth is the sum total of all you have in life. Money is a only a small part of  wealth. I noticed over and over again in all the listening and all the reading in the personal development genre one ruby among the basic principles: appreciating, understanding  and recognizing the value of what I already have is the cornerstone of developing wealth. The talent; the relationships; the life experiences; the opportunities I have is wealth.

That’s why I started a “gratitude journal”. From time to time I write down thank you notes to My Creator about little bits of my wealth. When I start feeling “poor”, I open the journal, read the notes, and remember how rich I am. Becoming wealthier all starts with gratitude.

Thank you for reading “Victoree” and sharing your ideas about work, wealth, life and a basket of other fanciful fruit. November’s best blessings,