What Are You Going To Be?

cupcake-girlI substitute teach in elementary schools and I work part-time in a retail store. For the past two weeks the hot question has been, “so, what are you going as?” As you know, All Hallows Eve is facing us and that means many things to many people. There are those who will pretend they are not at home and sit under house arrest all night with the lights out and the blinds drawn. There are grown people who will don fancy dress and parade in the streets, recapturing a spirit of fun lost somewhere in the process of getting to adulthood. There are those who will say, “Bah! Humbug!”…Sorry, wrong holiday. There are others who will give spooky parties or alternatives to a spooky party, like the Bullfrogs and Butterflies themed programs and the Trunk or Treat programs. Pintrest has a few ideas for the occasion. Haunted and other surprise themed houses will pop up like weeds.

When the Feast of All Saints dawns on November 1, the madness will be done and the preparations for my favorite celebrations will begin. The year is winding down and I will begin preparing for the coming winter holidays. My holiday decor has four distinct forms. I do one each year. I extend an invitation into “the fourth year”. The fourth year, election year, I theme a “clearing” year–a special, peaceful, thoughtful, resetting, re prioritizing. The earths’s dance around the sun has come to its beginning and end. See you at the beginning of “clearing”.