L’shanah tovah! Happy New Year!

shofarThat’s right! It’s the first day of rosh hashanah!

Celebrations of beginnings and ends fascinate me because there is so much wealth of meaning in the symbols of the doorway. To all who celebrate the season and the ones they love, the very sweetest of blessings in the coming year. Nearing the final cadence of the dance of the  earth around the sun, we advance with broad strides toward the end of 2016. Wow! What laugher and tears await! For all the long-term planners out there who anticipate the coming celebrations associated with the dark half of the year the plans are laid already. The shopping and exocution is next. However, before we step into the season, we pause at the entry/exit doorway of promise and with meditation open our eyes unto the unknown future.

Now, let’s move into the season. As Captain Kirk of Star Trek would say, “Helm…Ahead, warp factor 2”