Victoree’s BACK TO SCHOOL Assembly


Hope you all had a wonderful summer vacation. Time to remember how the alarm clock works. Wash the swim trunks so they can be packed away for next summer. Even Michael Phelps has to get out of the water sometime. We’ll write about how we spent the summer later on. (Forgive me, Father; I am an educator…) As classrooms in Washington DC open for Semester II, classrooms will once again be rife with the voices of eager youth in squeaking shoes and clothes that smell like never-washed, factory-fresh textile sizing. Other systems will follow after the ritual last party of the summer–Labor Day. Then they too will be filled with new haircuts and pristine backpacks.

Once again we concentrate energy on that institution our society has assigned the project of developing the young–workforce fodder–into fiscally productive adult citizens, namely the education industry. It is an industry that still resembles its early 20th century  manufacturing system parentage with its assembly line scheduling of days.

We pause until Labor Day to think again about school. Let’s kick around a few ideas about how school is evolving to approach the challenges of the 21st century. While we’re at it let’s look at some current ideas about career choice and preparation including:

  • How has career education changed?
  • Exactly what do parents, corporations, and society expect school to do?
  • How well are school and the business world aligned?
  • Are schools preparing American youth for full participation in today’s workforce ?
  • What new skills should be taught in schools now?
  • New configurations for school?

It promises to be not your usual ride on the big yellow bus. Got your brand new no. 2’s sharpened? Let’s go!