Work Is A Circus; You’re In It

KuriosatTysonsCirque du soleil has come to Tysons, close my northern Virgina neighborhood and its romance stirs the summer-soused brain. Have you ever considered how in many ways, the workplace is a lot like the circus? Everybody performs. On some days, the ring master is indistinguishable from the clown.

Some of us are areal dancers: high flyers spinning in the middle of the air; amazing everybody with their perfect timing and technically flawless moves. Some of us operate closer to the ground: We eat fire; awesome producers of goods and service made out of things and emotions that if handled by lesser skilled would be distructive. Others of us keep the gate: we sell the tickets and count the money, making it possible for the show to continue–and to pay the company! Early last century, there was the “freak show”: public displays of human and animal oddities at which it was okay to stare, hiding behind mom’s skirts, scared out of your wits, but looking at it anyway.

It'sACircusInThereHere it is: we all perform in this great show called working, but not in the same role throughout our careers and not at all times.