Summer Comes In The Purple Rain


We pause on the 1st of the May; Celtic summer, campers. Not long ago, the world was bereft of David Bowie. Today, we celebrate the life of monster barrier jumping musician, the artist known as Prince. My first child came into the world in the summer of 1985, the time of this live Prince and The Revolution concert recorded on YouTube. It is a long cut; more like a time capsule. The guitar goes into a keening wail. You are invited to meditate about life, drown your sorrow in a sea of music, or simply stop the chatter in your head as this man whose guitar must be channeling Jimmy Hendrix and BB King together (position 10:19)performs “Purple Rain”.

He lived a secret in plain sight. He influenced many…sacred and secular singers. Today we welcome  the arrival of The Mother aspect of the triple morrighan and dance in the purple rain. Good night, sweet prince. We will miss you.