I know I have kept you on tenterhooks about the new look and feel of VICTOREE’S INDUSTRIAL MYTHOLOGY world premier coming October 31st. First of all, why the heck Hallowe’en?

Well, according to Celtic legend, this is a season when the barrier between “what was” and “what is” is most porous. I tell you, I can feel an unusual excitement “in the air” right now. Change is normal now. It’s time to take account of the last season’s labor. Summer has ended. The border of winter is a great time for serious shifts in many areas including consciousness. Look at the new year approaching. Stand in the doorway between today and all you know and tomorrow and what you only envision. What voices do you hear? What visions do you see?

Who’s going to be president?

Why the steampunk flavor? It has been a creeping suspicion of mine that the workplace is way behind the times…far behind the reality of the world we move around in. I was talking to my daughter just this week and I asked her if school ever gave her the option of taking a course in career management. And the answer was…no. There was no course on career management when I was in graduate school or university either. Education is much the same as it was for two generations! We proved it.

The model of education is “the assembly line”. Experts stay at a single, fixed station. The line of students move by according to a set schedule, “get their knowledge” from that expert, and move on to the next expert. This model worked extremely well for the Mechanical age workforce. Guess what? The workplace is still basically functioning back in the age when clocks came into widespread use; still talking about efficiency and productivity using the same terms and meanings as in the age of steam. I call it the “steampunk workplace”.

Our youth are not being prepared to face a changing workplace. Some will adjust and make it. Some will not. Let’s start the conversation. You are here cordially invited to the grand opening of VICTOREE’S INDUSTRIAL MYTHOLOGY coming October 31st, the old Celtic New Year. What you are seeing now is a preview. Tell me what you think.

See you there!