Hang On To Your Hats! Victoree Is Changing

Fruit harvest

Fruit harvest

Thank you so much, dearest readers, for supporting Victoree’s Blog: No White Flag all these posts. As the author, I have enjoyed every bit of the ride with you.

As we change cars in life, it is now clear that it is about time to begin the metamorphosis including reworking this blog until it becomes a site. It will be renamed, restructured, but have all the same punch and fun you have come to expect from the irreverent Victoree, the job gypsy lady. I got a taste of writing for business audience with a venture into the LinkedIn blog, Pulse and found it a robust platform for addressing workplace issues. However, Pulse tends to take itself rather seriously in its attempt to appeal to its professional audience and, as you know, the Victoree approach is a little “edgy” and irreverent.

Girl unsure whether or not to be seen or get not seen

What will change:

  • Web address
  • Appearance – some “steampunk-like elements”
  • Potential New Name: Victoree’s Industrial Mythology
  • Movement toward becoming part of a professional author “platform”/media presence
  • Stronger professional-workplace emphasis
  • Less “personal opinion/emo-kid blah-blah-blah”
  • More journalistic style insight into the area of work issues but without the “heaviness” of Pulse
  • Integration with “Fruitivity: The Almanac of Life Husbandry”- inclusive personal development /career management arm of Victoree

Patriotic_USA_Funny_American_Barbecue_Clipart-1(1)What will not change:

  • The Victoree hardcore irreverence and Mark Twain-ish commentary on workforce issues
  • On-point, up to date relevance to current thinking on job searching and changing ideas about work

As you enjoy this wonderful weekend in celebration of workers, please accept my appreciation for your loyalty. Be safe. Happy Labor Day!

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