Have a Fabulous Labor Day, from Victoree

Rosie The Riviter Honor Labor poster

Rosie says

Over the years I have found some great ways to spend the last party of the summer:

  • Appreciating the extra mesquite ambiance in the neighborhood air
  • Celebrating being alive and awake–while still in bed
  •  Finally finding that much wanted book on “the list” in a flea market
  • Soaking up the last rays before school starts

Labor Day means the fall and the first semester of the school year are not far away. September also officially opens “holiday craft making season” . I will definitely be there in spirit with you at Etsy, Pintrest, and the local craft store! Joyous making to one and all!

Taking a cue from the sudden cooling in the air, we “tidy up” ourselves for the change of seasons with fresh, gorgeous man-pedis and cuts. While we shop the new fall fashions or pick a winner out of the end-of-the-model year event, it is important to honor all the people who will be working this Labor Day–especially those who entertain us, serve us food, make us feel beautiful and enhance our shopping mall experience to art. As a veteran retail worker, I have a few wishes  the Good Shopper Fairies would help with:

  • Find an item in one department, but don’t want it? Leave it in that department.
  • Make the trip less tearful for the little ones being carted around in a stroller. Locate the object of the search quickly.
  • Sample wisely.
  • Be kind and patient to each other while buying school supplies. Public tantrums prohibited.
  • Take several rest breaks during the shopping excursion so tempers stay sweet.
  • Be vigilant and aware.

As ever, have a safe, fabulous Labor Day. May the memories made this day be a book marker of happiness for years to come.

(Victoree is taking a working vacation to edit her personal work story. She will be back after Labor Day)