Your Story Is You

The personal story forms

The personal story forms

Your story is you. The tale you tell yourself about yourself–fact AND fiction–becomes more and more you every time you tell it. The brain scarfs it up, converts it into chemical and electrical signals, and BANG! The story becomes organic memory which acts like a software driver. It is as much you as the meal just digested is right now. The Story is in every cell in every system of the body…and…and…and…


Sure! Hair follicles naturally ditch hundreds of hairs every month. We now know from brain research that intelligence is not a set thing: people become more intelligent as they live. We know that human beings learn, grow and change throughout their entire lifespan. We know that a brain used regularly is a brain that stays alive. We already understand that the intention of human muscle is movement. Muscles, unlike machines that become less with use, become better and stronger with use. So it is with our brains. The richer our thought life; the more learning we do; the richer the branching (growth) of the nervous system in our brains becomes.

When we switch to a new personal story, the old, original story fades. The old story grows weak, become less real and eventually will be shed for lack of retelling. The new story replaces it and grows stronger upon the conscious decision to stamp it over the old one through retelling it at every opportunity. I have discovered two methods of stamping out and displacing old, worn-out stories: positive affirmations and vivid visualizations. Look at this from Mind Valley, a favorite website of mine, on the subject of creative visualization. Registration will enable you to enjoy more of its personal growth content should you want to explore more.

The stories we create and accept as real about ourselves are reinforced by retelling and the brain automatically makes sure it sticks.