Remember: Freedom is not free

Remember: Freedom is not free

As we continue with the telling of personal stories, I am happy to say that this month I will celebrate another year’s journey in the third age of life. 30 years ago, I was bringing into the world another female soul. No need for fireworks. I was making my own. If you are celebrating in the “ruby month” with me and mine, happy birthday to you too!  Is not July the queen of times to come into the world? Hey, lots of great, important things happened in July. The first human walked on the moon in July. The days of the astrological sign, cancer, whose ruling planet is the moon, dominates July. You can say it’s the month of lunacy. It was once believed that mentally imbalanced folk were overcome by the influence of the moon, hence from the word, lunatic from Luna (goddess of the moon). If there ever was a time for being “way out in left field” with that insane idea, that laughable technical model, whatever preposterous proposition or even that long-shot presidential bid, July is it! Lay the excuse on the heat and get it done.

What is it but crazy that so many outrageous things happened under the summer moon of July? One sweltering day in July two centuries ago, a brave people decided against all odds and common sense to became a nation. July, the month of our national birthday, then, is a sweet, natural time to reflect upon our national soul’s direction. It is a time to remember the noble purpose that kept those sweating, horse-fly bothered nation-founders hammering on the anvil of the ages until the biggest social experiment on earth came into shape.

Today We The People of the the USA hallow the 4th day of July with fireworks, picnics and parades. May we forever keep with awareness our freedom so dearly purchased. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There are the threats. We have heard threats since the day we were born. Threats will always come to anybody doing anything worthwhile. We will live through them.

Is this not still the home of the brave?

Happy birthday, USA!