Your Time In the Spotlight; Your Day In The Sun

Your time in the spotlight

Your time in the spotlight

I know. I know. This is very strange place for the Gypsy Lady. Usually I don’t talk about telling personal stories, but as it turns out, a personal story told well is a valuable skill. In interviews we have to answer the comment, “so, tell me about yourself”. Everything after that, depending upon the tides’ pull on the flood of words, is received well or not. I used to be annoyed about this, but since then I have discovered the essence of the power of personal stories. After all, I really do believe that we are the stories we tell ourselves.

Our own personal story–the story told to the self–sinks down into the being and becomes part of that being as if it were food or drink. It flows out of our tears and our sweat. It has a sour or a sweet back taste every time we tell it. It is a basic, wild thing that must be sculpted like a lump of clay or house broken like a puppy.

Because I am learning how to become a public speaker/author, I took on the task of giving the first version of my keynote speech with great bravado. Guess I found out? How draining the act of standing on a stage pouring out ideas, feelings, and conclusions is! Why is this? It is a cave; it is an ocean. Whatever, it is deep, wide, and undiscovered. Here I am inviting you to step off the well trodden path with me and to feel into this tiny, winding, curious way through some very high grass called “personal story”.