Congratulations, Grads from Victoree

Begin learning here

Begin learning here

Ahem. Thank you very much, new members of the society of scholars.

The above is exactly what you look like to potential employers when you show up for your first interview. What it means is you have to roll out some brand new skill-sets–fast. I am here to help by pulling up the curtain between school and “the real world” hoping no emotional “wedgies” result. School did not teach you career management skills like how to look for a job and how to keep it. It’s all up to you to find your way in the “Career Woods”, babe!

There are some very important things about numbers that school did not teach you.

School taught you how to count and to do all the operations you can do with numbers, but it did not teach you what numbers mean when you see them on your paycheck. I can tell you that you certainly will learn that those numbers on your paycheck will directly positively or negatively affect your life. Those numbers largely determine what you eat, where you live, what you wear and to a great extent, how other people will think of you.

School introduced you to the rudiments of art and music theory–lucky you.

School taught you what the lines, signs and symbols of the secret language of musicians mean. Maybe you fell in love right here. Just as I have always known that I loved words, you might know you are a musician. School did not teach you what kind of music to enjoy. That’s your learning space. Go experiment and find your music. Have an incredible journey.

School introduced you to only the beginnings of taking care of your health.

There is more to maintaining good health that school had neither time nor patience to help you learn. Your task is to find the knowledge in other places scattered throughout your sphere of living. Everyone will not be “like Mike”, basketball star, but everyone has to learn how to relate positively to their own body. Everyone has to discover how and what foods to buy and prepare for their own body’s needs. We all must learn how to make goals for maintaining optimum fitness to be full of energy and free of disease.

School introduced you to social responsibility and the meaning of being a member of a larger group.

However, school could never teach you exactly how to be involved as a citizen in your neighborhood, city, state and nation. School began to teach you the first level skills you need to promote and keep relationships. They hoped you did some learning about that in the cafeteria between food fights. It is up to you to find ways to serve others and create peace and harmony among people.

School tried its best to stay out of the business of your soul

However, your soul; your inner self is the most important part of you of all. You must learn how to manage yourself at ever higher levels. Seeking to understand the self is the work of a lifetime. You must explore your passions, your mental fitness, your authentic personality and other life-driving matters.

Now that you have a diploma…you are free to roam about the world…and get educated.