yellow light!Some resumes do not say, “come to a screeching halt”, but “advance with extreme caution”. These are the “yellow lights” potential employers pick up on in resumes. There are very good books and articles available in the market on-line and off about what to do about resume “red flags” or “red lights” (like an incarceration event), or the leaping red flares that signal that an applicant will not be a great hiring choice. My purpose is to update the list of things that make potential employers suspicious.

World Wide Job Gypsies

Not only has this applicant traveled from job to job, breaking camp every 1/2-2 years, but has gone “from sea to shining sea”. Movement from job to job has no recognizable pattern. Career movements appear unplanned.

Whip and Buggy Era email address

Applicant email address still has @AOL or @hotmail at the end of it. Yellow light: this person does not care about keeping technological knowledge and skills current.

Cannot be found on Social Media

Applicant either has a LinkedIn profile without a picture or no LinkedIn profile at all. Applicant has no presence on Google+, Facebook or anyplace else on-line.

Applicant cannot be “texted”

Probable technology phobic and still uses a “flip phone”. Scared to use smart phones or is averse to learning new things, so cannot be linked into any extra-office sharing system.

Snail paced career movement

Applicant served in one job more than 5 years at one company with no forward movement (no upgrades in responsibility/titles).

Grand Canyons

Huge time gaps between positions. Possible incarceration events, protracted health challenges or recovery episodes? Oh, this is going to be a discussion, but not in any interview at this company!

Take care of the “yellow lights” to keep them from turning into “red lights” that can really stop the progress of a career.