Blessed Passion Week, from Victoree

Blessings of the palms


As we enter Passion Week, the holiest days of the Christian calendar, I wish everyone all the blessings of the season. The days of denial are ending and with it the days of focused effort to establish a new content writing business. One extremely influential thought leader,Shira Harrington, CEO of Purposeful Hire,Inc. hammered home a truth about the reality of ageism in the hiring process  in one of her presentations at my local job club in the Washington DC metro area. In that speech she related that many “Baby Boomers” as they age are finding it increasingly difficult to find positions as employees. Aye tha’!

My dear brothers and sisters 50+ applicants, you are NOT dreaming. Many companies do have an entrenched vision nobody could pry loose with a crow bar that their perfect employee is in a narrow band of professionals aged 25-45. This is coming from a believable witness. Shira is a “people connector”, otherwise known as a recruiter and a denizen of the HR world. Let me add this one: the workforces of industrialized societies all over the globe are aging. In the USA alone, by the end of 2020, those aged 50+ will be 10% of the population. Big Media is still in denial about it. Some in government and other sectors are getting jittery about the impact on the health care and housing industries. The way-out-in-left-field think “all these old people” are going to be a big drain on society.

Get this: “prime time” workers are not “going quietly into that good night”, but are helping rewrite the script for the third age of life by establishing businesses of their own. This is the path I have decided to take.

This very special Lenten Season; the season I finally decided to “strike out on my own” as an “indie” writer has been all at once sobering, agonizing, and refreshing as my “baby business” is coming forth. Rejoice with me! The gypsy lady has a baby! The new business’ name will be revealed soon.

Yes, of course, the result of the recent Lenten journey also has much to do with our present discussion of the resume, which we will continue in the following weeks. So, until next time, have a blessed Passion Week and eat the chocolate responsibly.