Lenten Season Greetings, from Victoree

1st fire festival

St. Brighid


Wow! Yesterday was the snowiest Mardi Gras I have ever seen, but that is now 364 days away. Oh, well; we’ll look forward to next year! Time moves on.

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, the beginning of the 40 days before Resurrection Day (Easter). Many in the Christian world are fasting and taking on new disciplines for this season. May the ritual assume new depth and the practice actually make profound life changes.

As we continue to welcome Imbolc, we also notice Spring and all the celebrations that come in the “Light Half” of the year with her, waiting in the wings for their time on stage. Come, wheel! Begin the dance!

May this blessed season of hope and new life inspire a bringing together of all winter’s musings into a single, shining seed.

Let’s see what springs up!

St. Brighid cross on paperVictoree



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