Are You Setting Goals AGAIN?

four directions compass rose


Somewhere in the month of December, in a rare quiet moment, I turn to a fresh page in my planner and write at the top: “Goals for __”and then label about 5 pages to list the goals for:

  1. Body – health maintenance, exercise, diet and nutrition
  2. Spiritual – studies; reading; spiritual practice
  3. Personal Development – reading; inspirational conferences
  4. Career  – professional development; networking; conferences

Before that I review the last year or two to compare how I projected to change with what actually happened. Let’s compare notes. How about you?

  • How many goals did you actually achieve within the year or did it take you more than one year to get it done?
  • Did your goals change from last year’s?
  • Have you given up goal setting altogether?

What is on your “fresh page” facing the journey of 2015?