Happy New Year, from Victoree: 2015 GAME RESET

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

It’s a brand new year and this is the one time in the year when we can actually re-calibrate the game. What game? Working. Living. That game. What does it mean? 2014 is over. That game is over.

We are therefore under no obligation to continue last year’ play book.

What it might mean for some of us is inventing a totally new game  instead of returning to the old game. Why not create new characters; new roles; new rules, then? In this world-wide economy we all have to be consummate gamers. We are now all freelancers and peddlers and hope not to all become beggars. We are all empowered and all hopeful but neither needy nor novices. We are all gamers in the workforce. We are all gamers in life. Whether we win or not, the object is to play well, learn and enjoy the game.

Let’s give 2015 a good head butt and jump into the game.