A View Of October From The Window Of Memory

Blood Moon

Blood Moon

We welcome October, the fire of Samhain, the final steps in the circle dance of the year and the end of its bright half.

October means the school year is already at least 30 days old. Ah, yes the thrill is gone and so is the scintillating smell of new shoes. The virgin pages of new notebooks have ink blots and the spines of new textbooks are now well broken in. The ground swiftly covering with scattered leaves and the sun becoming gradually disinterested in the earth summons the muses of October. Some people think of this month as a time of shadows. True, it is a time of shadows, but those shadows, remember, are nothing more than the dark outlines of objects standing between the light and the one observing it; a disturbance in vision; an eclipse. As I said, October is nothing to be afraid of regardless of what the popular media says. Gaze out the window in October. Dare to look into the face of the future. In fact, it is time to take a backward glance. Let’s open the gates to a little mischief. Let’s pause and talk about school and the third grade teacher, “the bearded lady”.

A few years ago, while I was being treated for sciatica, my chiropractic therapist said, “A few of us are getting together in a class action to sue our high school. We graduated and started working and found out nothing we learned in school had anything to do with life, so we’re suing the school system for malpractice”. I have no idea how far the suit this idea got, but, it started me thinking about my teaching career. Let me venture to suggest that she was absolutely correct and more disturbing, school is having progressively less to do with life and that begs an answer to the question, “why?”

This is the month I am deliberately choosing to celebrate my last day of work at one school which fell upon a Friday, October 13th. many years ago.  Why not gather around for a tale or two from the gypsy lady about education and work?. Please feel free to chime in with your observations and if there be any, your horror stories.

After all, it is October.