Yes, I Am An Old Lady. Get Over It.


Date: Today

To: Anybody with a bee in the bonnet about working with “Baby Boomers” on any project anywhere:

From: Bold, Brassy 40+ Worker

Don’t whisper. I can hear you very well. Don’t expect me to hurry anywhere, to drop everything to answer phones, to care about what happens to Justin Bieber, or join the rest of the gang at the local watering hole after work. I would rather pass on doing all the things younger people with more energy, more tolerance for nonsense and no family obligations do.

Yes, I know. All the articles advising 40+ professionals sing the same song: go to the gym; get fit; lose weight; drop the 30-year-old hairstyle; get a suit whose pants do not have elastic in the waistband and ax the flip phone with the big buttons that looks like the one you gave mum last Christmas.

I am so tired of the pointing and tittering behind well-manicured hands; so weary of fighting to keep up with the latest fad and fashion. I may not seem be on the bleeding edge of the trend, but never, ever be lulled into believing that somehow it has slipped under my radar. My brain is as sharp as it ever was. I can trend in my sleep and dreamed about it coming at least 5 years ago. I was a part of the original concept, was in the planning of it yesterday that made it work like magic today and am now reveling in how my concept baby developed. Therefore, I have earned my right to walk at a dignified pace and do not have to barrel down the halls like a bob-sled on foot.

You have always suspected it. Let me put an end to the speculation. Caught you ogling my cane.

Yes, I am an old lady. Get over it.