Eureka! I have found it!

Monday, January 6 is the celebration of the Feast of Epiphany, a commemoration of the Magi’s discovery of the Christ Child. Look at this: it took these wise seekers about two years to locate their target. It took me that long to find my very first job, so an extensive search is not all that farfetched–especially not for those 40+ these days. If one of the goals for 2014 is to find a new job, get a new career, establish a new practice, write a book, or anything important in life, some of the same skills the Magi used to find the Christ Child will be needed. It is going to take a strong sense of mission, perseverance, mental toughness like a tortoise shell, and laser sharp focus. If you’re game to go, the ride this year will begin with talking about what it will take to finally “find that baby”.

Going my way?