Retirement: Downsizing

My spouse retired and brought me along for the ride.

We moved to a new state and had to downsize. There was no option.

The miniature rooms looked like the ones we began in as newlyweds over 30 years ago. I wept. No! It is too early! Not yet! I am not ready to live in a tall, boxy building where nobody had homework to do.

Suddenly, the air was sucked out of my world: there will be no jangle of period bells; no music blaring from cars built out of junkyard scraps; no hormone inflamed people kissing at the bus stop in front of the house. For the very first time in my adult life, none of my windows or doors would open to the campus of a school.  My windshield would be free of eggs and the trees across the street would be bare of toilet paper after Halloween.  At this new place a landscaping company cuts the grass and vacuums up the leaves. Gardening was prohibited. Never again would I kneel in fecund black soil in the springtime as I planted tomatoes.  I gave my prized tools away in sorrow. The youngest child was graduated, gone and married. Menopause had come and gone. I felt dry, barren and useless.

So, I tried to get into the “retired life”. The only activity listed was the weekly bingo game.  I decided to join the craft class. It was full of chatty women knitting and crocheting baby caps, blankets and booties for the annual holiday sale. As I listened to the conversation I noticed that  from beginning to end it was about the latest surgery, who died recently or something about somebody who lived in another “unit”. I have always referred to where I lived as “my house” or, “home”. Now it was a “unit”. What then, was I? A resident? An inmate?

This was not the life I wanted to live. I decided to go back to work.


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