Enjoy the ride

Today, we will begin a thoughtful look at  “retirement“. We enter the economic system on the first day of our first job and some of us exit the economic system on the last day of employment – elective or not. There is so much discussion about the subject around the cyber world and in every place else from board rooms to the halls of government, so let us broach the subject in these pages. Let us drill down to what seems to be the general western attitude about the end of work life, aging, and the like. The point of reference in these pages is the United States of America, but I hope it will inspire thought and research about working where ever on earth you live. You know the gypsy lady, the history buff, who makes connections in history and reads its meaning like tea leaves.

Let us walk back and stop at points of reference for the idea of retirement, then leap ahead to investigate new ways of being in this brave new stage of life.  We will visit early America before he industrial revolution came to these shores. The discussion will then travel briefly to 19th century USA, the times of the “captains of industry”, the “men who built America”, like Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnage, John D. Rockefeller and Henry ford, when some of the ideas about work and retirement from the labor force began.  I promise you we will visit some unusual places where we will see some out-of the ordinary sights.

On to the adventure!