An Autumnal Equinox Welcome from Victoree

Whitetail Stags

The Forest king and his brothers

The season of changes has come!

This is the day of the equinox (Latin: “equal night”), the very first day of autumn, which begins the northern hemisphere’s “dark half” of the year. A hearty autumn welcome! Some of us will call this, “Mabon“. Blessings of the season to you also.

Every season of the year is heaven’s blessing, but this season is my favorite. I look forward to the earth turning in her dance around the sun just so. It feels like a cleansing exhale. Now comes the second harvest; time to gather in the wheat, apples and nuts. The last harvest lies ahead. The earth lays aside her green garb for a gown of dappled maple gold, preparing for a celebration of gratitude. We look forward to the oaks joining in near the end of the ball adding their fiery reds, oranges and purples. Soon we will again go out to gather at the crossing of the ways to greet Winter with Yule at her side.

Summer, fond farewell.