Business and knotwork

English: This image outlines the basic path of...

English: This image outlines the basic path of the monomyth, or “Hero’s Journey”. Non copyrighted, free work. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some folk see life as a hero’s journey. Still others see life as a tale told. To me these images are ways of looking at life from different angles. My name for it is best symbolized by the eternal knot. In my lexicon of personal imagery, everything is interrelated and intricately intertwined. One strand cannot be pulled out without unraveling something else. Business is one of the strands in the knot. Who knows to what it was originally joined? When the business strand was originally woven, it may have been joined from the career thread, the family thread, or the spiritual thread. (Of course, this way of thinking is common to a certain style of dealing with life in terms of the Meyers Briggs personality assessment. Find out yours here.) 

When considering what kind of business to start, it is always good to consider the strands of interests, skills, talents and passions already manifesting themselves in a present job, a hobby, or a natural ability. For example: with me it has always been words–words on paper; words artistically rendered; all forms of the written word; typography; calligraphy. Then there is the spoken word–public speaking and storytelling. Another strand is art–painting; sculpting; music collecting; music performing; theater. Embracing them all is the golden strand of the spiritual: interest in the other-worldly; the supernatural; religion; mind-body connections and the like. Do you see how all these things are interrelated? Try to spot patterns in your own life threads/strands of interests. When all laid out, these threads may begin to tell what kind of business or in what industry your business will naturally arise.  Every personal knotwork  is actually information about places where a successful business may be waiting to happen.