Acknowledge Your “Reason Why”

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There are many reasons people decide to go into business including:

  • I want an income generating activity that will fit in with my family demands
  • I am a student – have another job – and need more money
  • I want to be the ultimate commander of my time
  • I want to make a difference in the world
  • I want to be my own boss
  • I love the rush of starting something totally new
  • This is an experiment to see if this is what I really want
  • The idea that one company has so much power in my economic life is obscene. I want to develop another income stream
  • I’m retired now and have the physical, emotional and financial freedom to remake my life

Even if your reason in some form is not found in the above short list, the point is that before starting an enterprise, America‘s “growing tip”, some serious thinking has to be done. That also includes ruling out some other things like:

  • I am tired of looking for a job and this is the way out of it
  • I want to get away from a job I really hate
  • I am occupationally misplaced.  I made a career choice mistake.
  • I am convinced that I am unemployable because (fill in whatever_____)
  • There is no room in the economy for me any other way
  • I just want to get rich fast and buying lottery tickets is too slow

After all these reasons play themselves out in the space of fantasy one summer day while sitting on a friendly park bench, perhaps the real, hardcore “reason why” to start a business of your own will float to the top of consciousness. It may not come immediately. Some people actually wrestle with the idea of “starting up” for a few years. The idea pops up more than once during any period of transition between jobs. However, if relating to the economy as a provider of opportunities instead of merely consuming opportunities goes beyond escapist fantasy,that inner pressure to “start something”  might just be a manifestation of the Divine Mandate in life.


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