Attention Fellow Job Gypsies: Stop Looking For a Job and Make One

"Elf Mother and Child" - by artist Blaer Naomi

“Elf Mother and Child” – by artist Blaer Naomi

Hoping that all have had a wonderful Mothers’ Day, let us begin as promised. for the next few articles we will consider that becoming an employee is not the only way to make a living. A blogger I read, Penelope Trunk, said in one of her articles”If you can’t work up the corporate ladder, you have to work for yourself. Most entrepreneurs have been fired from about five jobs. Because they are unmanageable. ”

I used to feel insulted by this statement at one time in my life,  but when I looked again from the perspective of “another point on the wheel”, so to speak, I acknowledge that the author has a point. Some of us are really bosses passing as employees. These are the working world’s “changeling children”. In old tales, the faerie kind would steal human children from their cribs and carry them off into slavery to the fae, leaving in their stead one of their own, a changeling. The changeling would grow up in the human household as their child, but would at some time inevitably show up for what they really were–aliens from the fairy world.

Someone with a fire in the belly who gets stuck as an employee will eventually chafe in that close, constrictive, ill-fitting employee form. Sometimes they will appear even as “job gypsies” (job hoppers; fired multiple times), but they are not (a true gypsy is something else!). Such is the case for they who have big dreams; who want to have a big impact on the world. They come from another world. Unfortunately, many companies  are simply not constructed to accommodate these big dreamers; these “aliens”. They have to go and are often fired or a way is found to push them out. The next thing anybody hears from them is an announcement that they rule the world. Case in point: the founders of Apple and Microsoft. There is but one way for these big dreamers–entrepreneurship.  Entrepreneurs are this economy’s growing tip. They create the new businesses that create new jobs.

These words are not for everyone, but to they who will receive them, it might be time to move into the true path of entrepreneurship.