The Blessings of St. Patrick’s Day To You, From Victoree

Now, where did he go?

Now, where did he go?

In the middle of Lent there is this one day some of us give ourselves a breather from our promise…Okay, back to the sacrifice at midnight, eh?  Even though it’s all about the green beer for some and a mighty humbug for others,  just for today we join our neighbors who are descended from the Emerald Isle in a celebration of Celtic heritage.

knotwork shamrockEvery immigrant group who comes to these shores adds their own special grace notes to Lady Liberty’s old song or a brand new twist on the familiar melody. The Puritans may have taught us religion, but the Irish taught us faith and with a sweetness that charms the bells into ringing. Is it not faith that calls into being whatever we seek in career or anything else in life? Once we have created it in our minds and spoken it with our lips, it is well on its way to snatching itself a body and hurrying to us.

May it be so with your victory wherever in life you need it most. May it rub the sleep out of its eyes, get dressed in the clothes of intentions, break through the ether and answer, “present” when you call.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day



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