How Not To Be A Holiday Networking Mine

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Of course, at any party there are the occasional social “mines” to look out for and  holiday networking parties are no different. As I pick my way to a position close to the door (hey, I have to bolt now and then to give myself processing space at parties), I hope the people I am temporarily taking my leave of are not heaving a sigh of relief because they are seeing the back of a bore. You know the kind:

  • monopolizing the conversation with tales about me, myself and you guessed it, me.
  • whining and complaining about how hard life is,how bad my last boss was and the illnesses that resulted
  • Backing people into corners with not so subtle pleas to them to find me a job where they work
  • Collecting  business cards  being satisfied that I “did my networking”
  • Not talking to a certain person because of a pre-decision that they have nothing to offer
  • Giving myself excuses for not talking to people
  • Hiding behind the food and drinks

Having several people floating around a networking party of the type just describes makes the affair like a minefield in the battle with unemployment. The object is not to be the holiday networking party mine or become a casualty of one during the evening.


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