Blessed Hallow-tide from Victoree

The road home in Autumn

Calling you home

This week,there is marked on our calendars a  day we call “The Eve of All Hallows “, otherwise known as “Hallow e’en“. It is the day before the Feast of All Believers or All Saints’ Day. We will be commemorating a celebration with origins rooted in an ancient summer’s-end/new year celebration. The year has come to the end of her enchanted shape-shifting circle from spring maid to winter crone; from fair Bree to the dark Morrighan. In some agricultural societies back in the historical mists, the time of  year in the western hemisphere when the days grew longer and the days shorter meant the arrival of the time of the last harvest. It was the time of smoking and salting meat to feed the family through the winter. Warring ended and warriors returned from battles. Gardens were plowed under as if tucking the earth in for a long slumber.

It is now “fall”.  Frosty winds strip the leaves of their precarious hold and we catch the trees revealing their blackened frames as they ready themselves for their winter garb.

This is also the season some of us honor our ancestors with sweet visits to their resting places or special remembrances and gifts. To still others, it means time to break out the woolens and check them for readiness to protect our bodies from the coming chilly days (that’s a shopping trip to replace suits that fit last year but do not this year!).

However you choose to celebrate this season, whatever you call it, may this season bring you blessings as you take time to reconcile yourself with reality, mourn your losses and prepare for the coming next season.

Here’s a gift of a song for you by Van Morrison, called, “Celtic New Year”. Enjoy.