It’s Columbus Day–Go Discover Yourself

Florentine doublet gown, ca. 1560

Florentine doublet gown, ca. 1560 (Photo credit: Isara)

This week there will be many commemorations of the explorers from the age of sail, specifically, Columbus who is credited with discovering the lands later called, “America“.  Somehow this event in history is supposed to be cause for a party. Some descendants of the original peoples Columbus met (including a few tribes in my ancestry) think of this time as a time of mourning. When I lived in Providence, Rhode Island, it was the time of the annual “Florentine Faire”, which I joyfully recall. However the view of the day or its historical origin celebrated, two very different sides of the earth met and as a result what we know as the modern cultures of the western hemisphere came into existence.

We have been discussing the meaning of returning to a student position from all angles. “Getting an education” could be anything from “taking a few course hours” to completing a degree to becoming certified in a new career. It all begins with a journey of self-discovery. It begins with examining thoroughly such things as personality, personal preference, time investment necessary, kind of education/certification needed, economic strength, career season (we’ll talk more about this later), potential hazards, total expected positive results compared with total investment and expected future gain.

According to the “law of reaping and sowing”, the results we get depend heavily upon the effort we put in, so the time and care put into self-examination even before seeking out funding for education is time judiciously spent. Case in point, many of us who earlier educated ourselves against True Self  and have lived long enough to regret it are now trying to course correct. Others who took bad advice earlier and ended up in miserable places are now trying to redeem broken or inappropriate careers.

For some of us, taking time for self discovery is a positive move to “getting it right” this time.

Happy Self-Discovery Day!


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