The Disconnect Between Education,the Corporation and New Talent

What is school for?

Is it to aid parents in socializing their children?

Is it to directly  prepare people for their work? (in that case is it reasonable to expect education to keep up?)

Is it to develop a more knowledgeable electorate?

There is obviously a disconnect between academia and the business world who seldom contact each other except to engage in shouting matches over the fence at each other. The origins of the disconnect go “way back” to the early days of the United States’ education system.

It seems that the several sources of the disconnect are neither well understood nor studied seriously. Here is one side of the discussion from the advertising field’ view about the “talent gap”  which is one of the subjects at the core of the reasons for the ongoing bad blood between the academy and the office:

It is all about making sense of the function and purpose of schools in our society.


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