The Best Labor Day Ever, From Victoree

Fruit harvest

I love this moment in the year where the end of summer bumps edges with the beginning of autumn. It is so full of that delicious tension that feels like the breathless anticipation just before opening a door. Change is as intimate as a mist of perfume. Walk in. Walk into the mist and be covered in it.

Some call it Lammas. It is the time of the first harvest. On the eve of September, one considers what fruit in the fields of the earth and in life is ready for the reaper’s scythe. Some fruit to enjoy in the field; some for the table; some to be preserved for the winter; some for next year’s crop. Some results of earlier efforts are to be used immediately; some to be put by later; some will never be used; some is to be used in planning the next effort.

Harvest is a season that demands hard work. A celebration that honors work is very appropriate for this very special time of year, so may your labor day be bursting with blessing, however you choose to celebrate.

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