Victoree’s Solar Return


Diana goddess of the moon

Diana, The huntress. The lioness. The mother.


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Perhaps the “returns” in the greeting “many happy returns” has to do with an ancient reckoning of the anniversary of coming into the world: the solar return. Some people celebrate their birthdays every year with a party. I knew of one person who did this as an excuse to get gifts. It’s much like participating in trick-or-treating on All Hallow’s for the candy. For me now days, only certain, “benchmark” birthdays get a social event to mark it. My next one will be 60th year. Have to get a move on with the planning since it is coming up in 2014. Whether it is a benchmark year or not, I deliberately book certain events to fall in the week of my birthday including taking time to schedule annual health care screenings (oh my goodness there are more and more of these every year!) and buying new pages for my Franklin-Covey planner.

Most important of all, this is the season I  schedule a casual one-day retreat; a day to take counsel with myself. Whether in a favorite restaurant or on a bench in a friendly spot outdoors, there I take stock of “where I am in time and space” and pull out the plans, notes, sketches and drafts covering my goals, ambitions, and next-steps lists. it begins with a devotional time and ends with a period of thanksgiving. It  includes serious assessment/evaluation of the physical, intellectual, and spiritual areas of life.  Being an introverted soul, this special personal time generates great power and the energy to press through the natural darkness associated with the personality type and on to new heights of awareness and achievement.

If you share a moon-month solar return day with me on any day this month, many happy returns to you too!

Pixar "Brave"  female protagonist Merida

Pixar’s Merida, the latest manifestation of a female archetype



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  1. Being an introverted soul, I can relate to setting time aside to reflect, review and fresh the soul resonates with me. Happy moon-month solar return day to you and may it be the best ever.


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