Do You Really Want To Know What My Real Weaknesses Are?

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In a word, no…

especially if the weakness is one that will  in any way negatively impact the company or the potential employee’s ability to do the job being interviewed for. Again, there are some things an applicant should never admit in an interview. Re-read that last sentence. I did not say, lie in an interview. I said, never present any weakness in an interview that will speak of the lack of an ability essential to performing the job. Why set up for failure? Interviewers ask applicants about their weaknesses to tease out several things, according to the headhunters and human capital experts I have met in my travels. When they ask this abominable question interviewers really want to know:

  • Are you humble or do you take yourself more seriously than  you ought?
  • How well do you understand yourself? Are you self-aware?
  • Are you honest? Can you admit making mistakes and able to own up to it?
  • Can you really do this job or is your resume a crock?
  • Are your intentions honorable or is this just  a “one night stand’?

The next few posts will be a casual but serious discussion of the interview including dealing with the mystery of what to tell potential employers about things like Swiss cheese resumes, a stretch in the slammer, family care issues, and other “red flags” that give applicants and recruiters alike nightmares.

In one article I read entitled, “How To Answer the Question, What Is Your Greatest Weakness?”, featured below,I found one intriguing statement: “The questions you hear in an interview will reveal a lot about the mindset of the organization…”  It immediately sets up questions in my mind:

  • Exactly what kind of weaknesses pose the biggest threat to that company?
  • How is my kind of weakness going to bless or curse the company?
  • Is there already a full complement of my kind of nut in the tree?
  • is one of those nuts going to end up being my supervisor?
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They hired my brother!

This suggests to me that if job seekers empower themselves they can take the body of questions corporations ask in interviews together and read them like tea leaves to find things out about the company what should be known before saying yes to a potentially toxic or abusive work relationship. 


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