Happy New Year

Happy Chinese New Year.

The years cycle through twelve zodiac houses, each having its own animal symbol and 2012, according to Chinese reckoning, is a “dragon” year. That means this is a year to make bold movement, take decisive action and embrace a spirit of power. Not only that, in Chinese lore, one of ive elements, namely wood, fire, earth metal or water inform the year. The element informing this dragon year is water. Water is a natural shape shifter’s element. Water takes the shape of whatever it is in. Water can flow like a river, become cold, hard ice, or drift into the air as steam. It can be turbulent or calm; it can heal and it can kill. Water is also a symbol for spirit. Altogether, there is great promise in 2012. May we all be ready to ride the “big wave”, the back of the water dragon, to the beaches of success.


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