Off-Road Travel: Going Job Free

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Some of us are “4-wheel-drive” job seekers. Not really job seekers at all,  but “third alternative” folk. Here is what I am talking about–

What is the Third Alternative?

There is–

  1. joining a larger interest to help them advance their collective purpose – otherwise called, “employee
  2. forming one of several configurations of  the corporation where an entrepreneur business owner becomes an employer, achieving the collective mission in concert with a group of (hopefully) like-minded folk.
  3. becoming a one-person service provider – otherwise called, “independent contractor” promoting each client’s mission with select services.  This is “third alternative”.

Don’t quote me, but it seems that the farther beyond age 50 a worker is, the less likely a large business will take that worker on as a full-time new hire. Mature workers are often advised to apply for employee roles at smaller companies and to take temporary or part-time work. Others strike out on their own through franchising– “buying” themselves jobs, or establish small businesses outright–creating themselves jobs (and sometimes jobs for several more).

There are temporary independent contractors, people who write “self-employed” on Linked In profiles to gracefully cover gaps between employee roles or who start freelance enterprises with the intention of keeping them only until the next employee gig shows up. Noticeably, theatre people tend not to do that because there is no guilt associated with having parallel jobs and taking temporary jobs between shows.

The Gypsy Guitarist

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Ah, then there is a certain hardcore people called, “solopreneurs”–independent contractors who operate like bees in a clover field going  from corporation to corporation. They are there for keeps, not just until the next employee gig. These are the people who live the third alternative lifestyle.  Having no secret longing to be an employee, these are the gypsies of the economic world, and worthy of ballads.

Pardon my romantic rant. The truth is, a job is not the only way to make a living. People can and do make other choices.

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