Life Is An Interstate And You’re In the Wrong Lane

Wrong Way sign on the highway of life

Never seen while choosing careers

I discovered a book that is like the high fiber cereal the doctor recommends people in their 50’s eat for breakfast. It will not give you a thrill, but it is good for you. The author looks like James Dean if he had lived to middle management age. Po Bronson‘s “What Should I Do With My Life” asks some of the hard questions we talk about here sometimes.

You know, the primary ones: Who am I and what am I doing here? As far away from a religious tome as you can get, it is a collection of stories told by real people who are doing exactly what we are doing in the winter season of a career–between jobs. It is like reading other people’s journal pages for as long as you can stand  in a session. For me, that is not very long. It has taken many sessions and I can’t seem to put it down. Guaranteed to wear your soul out. Check it out of the library twice. Buy your own copy if you can.

Question: if you were educated for one career and took a lot of time and other people’s money to get that education how long are you obligated to work in that career after you discover you don’t belong there?

What do you do with yourself, then?

  1. Take the education into another job in the same field
  2. Reeducate for a career in another field
I have done both in a lifetime. Neither was successful, so there had to be a third alternative.
Third alternative. When it is clear as a bell that being an employee may very well not be the divine mandate for life is it time to go jobless, the scariest alternative of all?