Working on My Resume. Have a Great Memorial Day

Emeril Lagosse Cookbook

Grill master in the house!

Yes, there are great ways to spend the Memorial Day weekend:

  • Shopping
  • Barbecue hopping
  • Reading a great thriller
  • Having an entertainment media orgy
  • Repairing the sleep deficit

“…time to apply the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair…”

However, for those of us who happen to be searching for work might be tempted to be cynical about celebrating anything right now. If you will be continuing the struggle with writing that all-important marketing piece, the resume, know that I so totally sympathize because that is where my holiday is going. It is time to apply the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair, in other words. Believe it, the task is not easy, especially for all the job gypsies and “renaissance people” in the readership.

Challenges immediately arise about what audience, exactly, the resume should speak to. The prevailing wisdom about that is to develop a generic resume first–a “stock” from which you can build several resumes. In very much the same spirit I would make a flavorful chicken stock and freeze it in portions for future stews and gravies, I would make a generic resume and have it ready to become the basis for resumes I will build for positions in my choice industries.

“…three different resumes…”

Positions in choice industries? Yes. You did read correctly. Remember the “Job Gypsy Game” we developed earlier? The  game was intended to begin thought threads about what industries would make good career destinations. Of course, the destinations may have different ports of entry–on-ramp positions (beginners), side door positions (middle career side-advance), or front door positions (walk directly in at same level).

My industries include non-profit organizations , educational institutions, and freelance contracting-self-employment, so I must have at least three different resumes–one to satisfy each port of entry.  Then, I would tweak them according to the specific position .

For example, in a non-profit organization, I would seek out positions like, “educational programs manager“, or, “proposal writer”. Why? because my earlier research pointed out that non-profits often have needs for the talents of a proposal writer or educational programs manager. Those are the kinds of positions that would either exist or have a possibility of being created in a non-profit organization… Just the kinds of  positions that would enable me to offer a potential employer my strength. I always want to operate from a position of strength.

So, as you are putting your “stock resume” together while some others are putting some steaks on the grill this holiday, take heart.

Job seeker–diligence pays off. Next year the party might be in your back yard.

Happy Memorial Day!