Lions and Tigers and Bears In The Job Search–Oh My!

The Target Company

Whatever combo of media a job seeker decides to use to get the word out about one’s availability in the talent market it helps to know who, exactly, the audience is. All the ardor poured into interpreting the SWOT analysis, knowing the top five strongest  selling points and painstakingly building a sterling, positive image is all a colossal waste if:

  • Niche for the talent being offered is unknown
  • Potential buyers for the product/talent  is unknown
  • Where the potential buyers are located is unknown
  • How the buying audience receives information is unknown
  • How best to speak to the interested buying audience is unknown

In fact, it is impossible to build an intelligent, effective job search campaign until all these factors are known!

This is where I bogged down in my own job search. I tried to get on with my search without knowing these things and my search went “around and around” sort of the way it did when I found myself somewhere in Peaquest, New Jersey on night. I knew all about me, but knew absolutely nothing about the folk I was trying to reach.  I knew what my product was, but I did not know who needed it.  I knew somebody needed it, but I did not know where people who needed it were. I knew the 10-mile radius  I was willing to travel to a potential buyer, but did not know how to find my potential buyers  within that locale.

The one piece of planning equipment that will definitely show up the holes in the search effort is a marketing plan. All the places where the road simply did not exist showed up. And I sat there at the end of the road…waiting to find somebody who could tell me what to do next; waiting for that “kiss”. I never found that prince and do not think I ever will.

The job hunting spooks in the forest

So, back to square 2: you’re on your own in job search “uncharted forest” and not all the trees look benevolent. This is another place in the job search where a quick sand pit of anxiety can bubble up and suck a job seeker down for a long time. It sounds like, “I’m not moving forward”, or “I’m stuck”. It feels like, “I’m frustrated”; “I feel impotent”; “I feel helpless”.

Time, steady work and faith is the only mixture for this horrible time in the job search, I have found. As has been said before, there will be no “magic kisses” or “good faeries” to pull a seeker out of the morass. There are, however, tools.

We will talk about them next week.

Meantime, watch out for flying monkeys. Do not pick the flowers along the road.