Braninstorming-Make The Job Gypsy Cards Speak To You

lightning bolt

Brainstorming-spinning dream cloth

It was fun, wasn’t it? Over the past several weeks, we developed a card game we originally called, “Victoree’s shape-shifting job gypsy card game“. Look forward to a book edition of the game in 2011 as either a downloadable  e-book or an upon-request book. Doing some research of your own along with me through these columns, we built four cards: temperament, strengths, the soul’s choices, and the “wrecking ball”.

Intuition-dominant people have used several kinds of divination methods over the lifespan of humankind to give informed advice about the past, the present and the future. This game is not a “fortune telling device”. The object of this game is to gather together some of the most accurate and truthful information about the self in brief, handleable form in order that a solitary player may make a wise decision as to what his/her “correct work” is– that career, occupation, job, or vocation where the strongest talents will be used to give the highest and best contribution. We gleaned information using some of the best known and respected instruments including strengthsfinder2.o, the Holland Code, and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. Some free. Some not. The thinking of some of my favorite authors including Richard Bolles, John Crystal, Thomas Moore and Dr. Stephen Covey gave the Job Gypsy Card Game its philosophical foundations.

Being the information pack rat and lover of history that I am, I added the odd  note for a bit of  spike. Basically, I invented this game for folk who, like me,  have a tendency to get so involved with the details of the trip that they forget the original destination. They loose focus. Their natural curiosity about everything draws them off task….often.  Such folk even appear to have no destination or cannot easily explain in clear language what that end point is. I invented this game for you, tuatha!:

  • intellection-dominant
  • visual thinkers
  • holistic/”Gestalt” Jung-visionaries (as opposed to Freudian types)

Last week’s assignment was to “stare”; to “gaze” at the cards. I am straining my strength of connectedness to see how all the information fits together to form a whole. I have been gazing and thinking about what kinds of jobs or occupations are arising out of the information on my spread; what is “manifesting itself” and saying, “you belong here”.  It may take several sessions of brainstorming to get a clear gem of truth.

the alchemist

the alchemist

This is the next step. Let the cards speak to you. This is what I mean: keep staring. Keep gazing. Then, write….or talk.  Get a clean page or a clean tape and write/speak down all the impressions you get from your ruminations. Brainstorm. Let your brain fall out on the page. Yes, it will make a mighty mess, but it is a necessary part of that alchemical process I mentioned earlier.

Indeed, the results of this game will inform my action plan–the next step in the process of fulfilling my Divine Mandate. What about you? Are you thinking about 2011?  How about this–think not in terms of another common New Year’s resolution, but in terms of your own Divine Mandate. What ought you to be about to farther your assignment on planet earth?

A victorious and prosperous New Year,