Victoree’s Job Gypsy Card Game Full Spread

Victoree's Shape Shifting Job Gypsy Card Game Full Spread

Victoree's "Full Spread"

When you finish making all your cards, place them in order on your black or white mat, the “full spread” looks like the illustration at left. With all the information in one place, the next thing to do is…stare. that’s right. Print it out and look at it. I do not mean a passing glance. I am talking about taking this into a space where you are undisturbed for a while and giving it full attention. Concentrate on what you see. Take it to a Starbucks or another favorite place and put it out in front of a good friend. Ask him/her what it is a picture of. A career; a job; a direction may just arise in the middle of your meditations.

Mind you, I am an introspective type by nature and meditation states are my home element. However, when attempting to redefine yourself or “shape-shift” into a new position/way of looking at yourself; if you are trying to recover from the damage of going against your authentic self; if you are trying to course correct onto your true path it is useful to “gaze” at your spread. It may speak to you. Mull over it. Look at it the last thing at night. Keep it handy for quick reference.

Here’s your assignment for the winter holiday-Christmas break-Solstice: take a clean sheet of paper and write down your impressions of your spread. Is it suggesting a type of job; an industry; a service; a business? Never mind about grammar, spelling, and format. This is a free-write.  It may very well surprise you. While you are at it, the time toward a new year is always a good time to take a long look at your present path. I am not talking about making another resolution to loose weight or stop smoking or stop overeating. These are good things, but are you really convinced that this is going to actually happen in your life? How dedicated are you to the work of changing/shape shifting? Do you have the courage it will take to keep your word to yourself?

  • Are you headed in the right direction?
  • What are you going to do differently in 2011?
  • What are you not going to do?
  • What are you going to do to further your goals in life; in your job; in your personal life?

This is the last post for the year 2010. It is time to determine whether or not to end or revamp “Victoree’s Blog”. If it has been  useful for your personal development, I would be most happy to know that.

Be at peace within and without.

Put a poultice of intensive love on those spots in your life you commonly neglect.

This is war. Take no prisoners.



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